Why Raul is Running

When Raul was working at DPS, he had always thought about running for Sheriff back home in the Rio Grande Valley, however after retiring and taking a job in a civilian capacity, he figured 35 years of police work was enough.  He believed that he was done, that he did his time, and that now it was up to others to do the job while he enjoyed his retirement with his family. 

However, when Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez made and announced her decision not to enforce ICE Detainers, Raul felt she allowed a personal viewpoint and social pressure in Austin to direct the path of a law enforcement agency and instead of doing the right thing. 

Not only was Sheriff Hernandez ignoring federal laws and releasing undocumented and illegal persons back onto our streets, she also failed to provide the proper mindset, vision and culture of common sense throughout the entire department. A failure that struck Raul's family directly.  

In early November, a Sheriff's Deputy was called to a rehabilitation home for a reported assault.  This response resulted in the arrest, transport, and booking of Raul's daughter-in-law, whom is mentally and physically disabled, requires assistance to walk, and was wearing a head injury prevention helmet.  The actions and handling of the incident by Travis County deputies grossly opposed the stated “VISION" of the Travis County Sheriff's Department and it was not the right thing to do.

When the Presidential Impeachment Hearing began, Raul felt that social pressure and a sect group of elected officials were more concerned, directed and driven to follow personal agendas and opinions than in doing what is right. 


This is when, and why Raul acted and decided to make an attempt at changing his local environment and run for the Office of Travis County Sheriff.  Raul felt he had the background, training, experience, and network beneficial to the position, and is capable of making a difference. In addition, Raul has a history and record of working closely with various local, state, federal and social agencies on multiple issues and projects across his 35-year law enforcement career.  

Raul has always worked to emphasize training and professionalism. He strives to ensure all personnel display the proper public image in an effort to advance and improve our chosen profession, network, and community relations.